Hi, I'm Shane
A Hypergrowth SaaS CMO

I’ve spent the past 10 years leading marketing teams at Unicorn SaaS companies, helping them scale and find new paths to sustained growth.

Career Highlights

VP Marketing & Sales

Overhauled AdRoll's brand architecture by launching new RollWorks brand under the NextRoll corporate brand. Redesigned GTM motion. Combined led to doubling in growth rate.

SVP Marketing

Drove Intercom's transition from focus on small business self serve market to sales led upmarket, leading to accelerated 40%+ YoY growth and breaking the $200m ARR milestone

Chief Marketing Officer

Pushed ZoomInfo position beyond data by overhauling story, brand architecture and integrating 4 acquired brands. Drove expansion of demand program leading to the company breaking the $1bn ARR barrier

Chief Marketing Officer

This story is being written as we speak...

Advisory Services

I have a full time gig and I love it. It takes up most of my time. But I also love helping high potential companies take it to the next level.

So for now I’m offering 60 minute feedback or joint planning sessions where we get deep on a specific topic. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a focused 60 minutes. Check out my Superpeer profile for more...

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Things I've been doing on the interwebs

June 18, 2021

Best in Saas Podcast

Joined Elias Rubel on the “Best in SaaS” podcast where we spoke about the importance of nailing brand positioning to ensure sustained growth

June 18, 2021

GrowthTLDR Podcast

Chatted with Kieran Flanagan about driving sustainable growth by focusing on the 3 layers of marketing: brand, demand and convert & expand

June 18, 2021

SuperManagers Podcast

Chatted with Aydin Mirzaee about the things I've learned about effective leadership over the past 10 years of managing scaled teams

June 18, 2021

Martech Podcast

Fun Conversation with Ben Shapiro on the Martech podcast about my career and how rising marketers can climb the ranks to CMO.